Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello White People!

Only a few minutes into my research about Ugandan culture, I had found several sites telling me to expect that common phrase aimed toward outsiders...

Jambo Mzungu! Translation - Hello white people.

But, to be sure, it's not an insult. This is just something they say. So we thought it was an apt title for our new Team Blog.

We each have different means of communicating with those supporting us, but we thought it would be nice to also have a communal blog. On here we want to post more general videos letting people know what is going on... things that we are all learning. We are going to use lots of short videos to do just that.

Our main goal is for those following us to stay as updated as possible. We can't let our desire to include folks become a distraction while in Arua, but, as you are a part of this ministry, we feel like we need to let you all know what's up.

Hope you enjoy!


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